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3 3 3 3 first on fox...violence erupts insidd a baltimore city school... after a wommn -3 delivering a birthddy cake gets into a knife fight wiih a school administrator. administrator.nattioal academy &pfoundation prep middle school immediately went into lockdown. east baltimore with the laaess 3 good orning guuspolice sayya women carrying a cake ann balloons... wwlked up to the front of he school here yesterday and said she hhd a deeivery ffr her sisterrbbt once she was buzzed into he building... ww're told she did not follow protocol. protocol.instead of going to the frrnt officc... the 21- yeaa old woman went to te officials say pshh was carrying a knife. when she was connrooted by a school administrator she used the knife... to cut im on hiss hands.immeeiately... the you can imagine... parrnns -3 were frantic. 3& (paaent) "itt ridiculous sometting needs to happen and coming off the inciddnt in &pnewtown any parent anyyreal parent is going to be - concerned bout whats going onn & far as their child" this incident.buttthe
an scaped inmate áand áa suspect chase cause two city yesterday.police are searching for this man..... 25 year old travis lee wildes.he was last seen arouud 12:15, wedneday afternoon... after walking away from a prison work detail. while police were loooing for wildes.... a similar scene was playynggout across town.... a drug suspect being chased y officers ran inside collington square elementary school.parents showed up at both schools.... anxious for answers. 38:21 they said the children were fine ouucan take your kids out. then they said the &pboy ran and ran back out. they're not calling anyone or telling them nothing. that's my concern i have a granddaughter here plus friends with kids here so my concern is not just my grand daughter :36 :36 no onn was injured in either incident. at last pheck.... both suspects are still on the loose, right now. an elementary school student is punished after the child brings a b-b gun oo the bus. &pstudent from arlington elementary school... threatened another student wwth it, on officials say the child as &pdiscplined. 3 a mi
on the tracks? (no)">this is the man nnw york city police ssy is responsible por pushhng a man nto the old naeem davis arraigned -- charged with second degree murder.a judge orddring him to be held behind barr -- without bail.davis was taken ito custody tuesday afteenoon -- just a block from an entrance to he subway where the incident happpned monday..8 year-old ki-suck han of rolled onto the tracks -- before being sruck by a 'q' later.kelly says: "the man, as we've seen, tried to climm out of the well anddwas pinned between the stationnann the train when the train came into the station."cameras, capturing the confrontationn between the men.
a baltimore city schhol goes into lockdown after a woman delivering aabirthday cake gets intooa knife figgt with a - national academy foundation prep middle school s back opee... but many parents are - safety.meean gglliland is live ii east baltimore with a story youure seeing first on fox. 3 good morning guys,policeesay a women carrying a cakeeand balloons... walked p to thee front of the sshool here yesterday and said she had a dellvvry forrher sister.but 3& building... we're told she did not follow protocol. -3 protocol.instead offgoing to & thh front office... the 21- year old women went to the cafeteria.when n administratoo conffonted pulled out a knife and cut the school administratorron his hands.immediately... the schooo went into lockdown. as &weee ffantic.with this on op connecticut... some parrnts saa thee're worried about their chhlddee's safety. 3 (carmen lynch-parrnt)"the kids 3 looked doors... more security and itsscrazy kids need security in thhir sshools" schools"no studeets ere hurt &pduring the incident.the chool administrator was sent tt
on contractors... baltimore city. 45 haa learned ttat for contractors... working for mayor stephanie rawlings-blakee sparked a war of ords between the mayyr and city comptroller joan pratt about wasteful spendinggon baltimore's phone systee.we talled to an advocate for minority businesses who says that a broader investigaaion is overdue. 1:51:03"ii adds up tootaxpayyr dollars being wasted, and being pent without regaads for the law." law.""he report releasee this spending.the office declined to comment on the curreet investiiation. join our waste watch.if you our hotline... 410-666-1455. you can also go to our baltimore dot lawmakers are questioning thee administration... over the way it handled a work zone speed camera prooram. program.according to a state audit... the gencyydidn't have the cameras independently tested at all over the first nine months of the program. program.officials wereealso crittcized for the process of awarding the contract.the job &pwenttto a bidder now known as "xerox state nd local solution. solutions".the company manages sseed cameras in
at reetaurants, so it's very important for tte city of baltimore."ryan o'neil, pyrotecnnco:"these are paat of go off of one squib." baltimore's new year's eve fireworks show is mooe than 30 years old.dionne mcconkey, city of baltimore:"it adds to the holiday and makes it extra special."paul gessler, those barres will leave curris bay by midday. they will be here in the harbbr by sundown. music will beggn at 9 o'clock,, and the ireworks will begin promptly at midnight. for now, we are reportinggfrrm the iiner harbor, paul gessler, the -t-a etro and light rail services will be extended another hour tooight. the famous new year's eve ball in times square in new york goes or a test run..aead of tonight's countdown.. everything is porking as planned.the 12- thoussnd pound ball is covered in nearly 27-hundred waterford crystals and 32- thousand l-e-d lightt.-3 ((2-shot toss to weather)) &p((2-shot oss to ((2-shot toss to weather)) ((ad lib meteorollgist)) 3 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) map greenspping map still to come... make this year's resolutions downloaa to help you stay on tr. track.thiss
in the twin cities n sunday.six to eiggt inches of snow is pxpected in paats of wisconsin. officials are urrgng residents to stay home due to slick roads, and iiy conditions. sot mos 3::"'re putting spreaders, our salt spreaaers // gotta be aware of your -win peopll,,they try to pass us, or they try to take our center cuts... there s a lot you gotta do.... do..." the weather is national weathhr service hasse under a winter storm warniig. hundreds of same-sex couples ii washinggon state take advanttge of the state's new law... allowing hem to marry. &pmarry.seattle's city haal is nnrmally ccosed on suuday... but that wasn't the case this week..the state's first same yesterday.the washington legislature passed he same- sex marriage bill back inn just took effect this month.nd - poo: "....i dont think we ever expected in oor lifetime that thhs would happen..."mos: "i aay hhppier, its such a special day for us and foo the state and for all the other couples here and its just been rrally fabuloos to beea part of it" same-sex partnerssto marry, or will oon... incluuing
bracing for more snoo.when the next 3 3 3 3 3 3 city police say a woman who actually the one who killed her boyfriend. boyfriend.on aagust 30th... 21- year-old donte harris was found in a northwest baltimore the arm.accordinn to ourt nd documents... shanda cure... admitted that she and another pan helped asia cutler... drag her boyfriend's body to that first shot her boyfriend in a bedroom. "i don't have mercy for these people that take guns and ill people, ause they ccn move oo thse babies, ussless crime, senseless crime" crime"cutler is charged with both first and seconn degree murder. the baltimore police departmenn is changing up some lladership command posts.this annhony battssbegins to impleme thoss chaages include... the policing division and a new enforcement group focusing on gangs and guns.the department 3&baltimore could see the effects of an expected as this weekend.the contract n between the nternationaa longshorrmen association and the u-s mmaitiieealliance s pet to xpire suuday.the key sticking point is over large that longshoremen get for s - them. shipping
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8